Not Enough

It is just not enough.

april 1st, 2014


  • klaine in NYC
  • domestic klaine
  • having breakfast
  • cuddling in bed
  • klaine singing duets
  • heart eyes
  • klaine dancing in their underwear and pajamas
  • klaine planning a future together
  • mime class
  • nyada power couple!klaine
  • klaine
  • bash promo
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Somewhere in the World
by the-water-nixie

Somewhere in the World is the world’s most popular children’s show, and its star, Blaine Anderson, has been touted as the handsome second coming of Mr. Rogers. Even Kurt watches the show religiously, and his list of Blaine’s best attributes is even longer than that of TV’s most gushing reviewer. Yes, okay, so Kurt has a little crush. Maybe. Possibly. Shut up. So when he’s given the chance to meet the man in the flesh, he can’t really say no, can he?

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Glee Rewatch - Preggers



  • This was the one that made me love Kurt. I loved seeing the beginning of Kurt/Burt relationship.
  • “I’m a stud, dude, I could wear a dress to school and people think it’s cool.”
  • Quinn looked great in this episode. It also made me like her because Dianna plays…